Sparkling Gems From the Greek
by Rick Renner

Sparkling Gems From the Greek is the top-selling book by Rick Renner that has touched and influenced thousands of lives with his clear and invigorating Bible teaching. Sparkling Gems brings the best of Rick’s many years of biblical and historical study, combined with his understanding of the Greek language, to offer a fascinating array of easy-to-understand insights that open up the Word of God in an exciting new way.

Sparkling Gems is arranged in 365-day format of topical studies that bring out fuller meaning of Bible truths and scriptures through the illuminating use of more than 1,000 Greek words.

Each entry ends with a prayer and an affirmation of the truths you’ve just learned. Thought-provoking questions invite you to consider how to apply the Bible to your life in a personal way that will strengthen your relationship with God.
With Sparkling Gems From the Greek, Rick Renner will help you discover something brand new from the Word of God each day

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